Fun Reading for an Awesome Weekend

Fun Reading for an Awesome Weekend

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Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it’s been almost a week since I came to Syros with my family for our summer holidays! Time flies so I try to spend it wisely. We go to the beach in the mornings, for walkabouts in the evenings and I blog at night when the kids are fast asleep. At first it was quite windy, but now that the wind has stopped it is quite hot. Luckily, as I’m typing these lines now, I can feel a light breeze coming from the window along with a jazz tune from some street event. I have to admit that it’s cool to work like that. Part of the reason I love Syros, is the fact that every day you’ll run into street musicians – performers that will touch you with their music and their performance.

Colorful beach towel on the sand

Image by Elisabeth.

In any case, here’s a round-up of some entertaining links from around the web!

Watch this dad! He found such an incredible way to boost his daughter’s self-confidence and belittle the bullies. Is that cool or what?!

Another loving dad for his daughter…It moved me, because love can overtake difficulties, obstacles and disabilities.

If you can check out this Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit!

Gin popcicles to get you through the summer…

I’d love to travel to Australia…Perhaps one day!

Any of you planning your wedding? Here are some beautiful aisle wedding decoration ideas.

Some celebrity skincare secrets…some I’ve never heard of before! But I liked Jennifer Aniston’s sincerity.

Why we look like our names?!!! Really??? (I don’t think this applies to me)!!!!

Have a super awesome weekend, xo