6 Key Elements Parisian Women Can Teach Us

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There are some women that have a chic elegance, the kind that all the rest of us envy (in a good sense). Take Parisian women for example who have a ‘laissez faire’ flair about them that makes them look gorgeous even without any make up on, despite the odd wrinkles.

A woman in a long white shirt and her hair up is opening two french window doors

No one cares about their age. Their appeal is beyond “minor” details like that. How do they do it? Now, that’s a good question that we can discuss and analyze forever. But no matter what, if we observe carefully then we’ll notice that there is a common denominator about them: six key elements that we can all copy for a more elegant version of us!

6 Key Elements

It’s not big secret that French and Parisian women in particular, like to go make-up free for most of the time. I can testify to this myself having been to Paris twice. And when they do wear some, it is as simple and natural as it can get – no contouring, no fuss! Naturally, they have a skin regime that they have perfected over the years that allows them to show off their beautiful skin. But undeniably, they are very fashion conscious.

That means that they love looking stylish and so their hair although it looks natural, like ‘this is how I woke up in the morning’ it’s always trendy. They don’t use any heavy styling products. Instead, they “invest” in a good hairstyle; long or short makes no real difference as long as it complements their face and cool, casual attitude.

A blonde woman with a braided hairstyle has her face covered with her hands while she's somewhere outdoors
Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

Their face is complimented by fashionable eye-wear. Whether we’re talking about sunshades or reading glasses, their eye-wear is trendy with an attitude in coordination with their hairstyle. Who would think of coordinating a hairstyle with their eye-wear? Well, French women do! And they do it in style!

The next thing we notice about them is their attire. They usually keep things visually under-toned. That means they love monochrome outfits. They hardly ever go big on patterns and they surely love black. So, it’s safe enough to say that their attire works like a backdrop for their facial features that “pop” interestingly enough with their trendy hairstyle and fashionable eye-wear. (For more inspiration check out Parisian Chic Street Style :: Dressing Like a French Woman).

Then, there’s the bag. Size is of no issue. Color is of no issue. Brand is of no real importance. They are not into flashing logos. Period. Making a statement is the issue! Its shape, material, color has to be ‘specific.’ It has to ‘pop’ just the right way. By now, it’s clear that they use accessories to highlight their style. They dress as minimal as possible yet, an accessory like the bag or a scarf can bring everything to another level.

This brings me to element number four. Shoes. Their shoes once again compliment their attitude towards life. They don’t care about pumps or sneakers, flats or high heels as long as they look refined and polished. Again, their age won’t stop them from wearing something. And last but not least, their perfume. Their signature. They walk through the perfume’s mist as if transcending themselves into another dimension.

Innate elegance

Their elegance spells out ‘This is me!’ It is this attitude of theirs that helps them keep things well balanced, focused on living BIG and always with an ounce of pop statement that makes them look so chic any time all the time. So, how can anyone forget a woman like that!

A Coco Chanel quote that says "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Recap: How to copy Parisian women elegance

Let’s keep our hair and make-up styling simple, but flattery with a trendy style. We should get rid of any outdated eye-wear. Embrace monochromatic attire that works as the perfect backdrop for our spirited personality to come through. Let’s accessorize with pop details – bags, shoes and scarves and wear our signature perfume.

At a first glance it’s easy to presume that it’s all about ‘less is more.’ But it’s a lot deeper than that. It’s about embracing the philosophy I stand for to “be oneself” or simply ‘te esse.’ If we accept ourselves and our image without cheating then we can give our inner beauty a chance to shine through and cast a charm spell on everyone…Really! Parisian women do it all the time, and surely so can we!


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  • I really enjoyed this! I think that their confidence and love of living makes them worry less and perhaps that’s indeed the reason why they look so refined. Just a thought…

  • This is a beautiful post! It’s amazing to manage embracing a philosophy of being in good terms with our looks and concentrating on living BIG! Thanks for this…

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