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Hey everyone! This is a very special weekend for us. We will be celebrating my son’s 6th birthday at the beach. (Yes, this is why I chose this feature image) 😀 The weather forecast says that we will hit some pretty hot temperatures and I can’t think of anything better than a beach party! We’re all looking forward to it. Summer is officially here, and so is the list with more fun reading links including an island paradise to help you relax and enjoy yourself.

A boy doing SUP near a beach.

Let me start off with an island paradise that we haven’t seen before. Just beautiful…

But, there are plenty of Greek islands that are like small paradises. Personally, I recommend that you consider visiting Kefallonia and Lefkada at the Ionian Sea.

These are 43 incredible photos of U.S. UNESCO sites (present and proposed). Impressive 😀

Did you know that there is a Greek word that can’t be translated? Actually it can’t be translated in any language and it’s not easy to describe it.

How Italian became the language of love! This is an interesting read, seriously!

But let’s hop over to Canada. There’s a house on the Bench I want you to have a look at, that’s overlooking the Okanagan valley. It’s a vacation home that has a small vineyard. I love the fact that Sturgess Architecture used Corten steel at its facades, for it weathers off and articulates a certain warmth, despite the austere linear forms.

Lastly, I’m sure that a lot of you are making plans for your 4th of July celebrations. So, these 60 recipes might come handy to you.

Have a very happy time, xo

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Last update: 10/23/19

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