Fun Reading for a Great Weekend

Fun Reading for a Great Weekend

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Hey everyone! This is a very special weekend for us. We will be celebrating my son’s 6th birthday at the beach. (Yes, this is why I chose this pin) 😀 The weather forecast says that we will hit some pretty hot temperatures and I can’t think of anything better than a beach party! We’re all looking forward to it. (Drop me line if you want to join us)! Summer is officially here, and so is the list with more fun reading links to help you relax and enjoy yourself this weekend.

Three canoes (a blue, yellow and green-blue) ashore on a beach

Let me start off with an island paradise that we haven’t seen before. Just beautiful…

These are 43 incredible photos of U.S. UNESCO sites (present and proposed). Impressive 😀

Next, I’ve picked 6 incredible places you didn’t know were in NYC. I think no one really knows all of the incredible places any city has to offer for that matter. That’s why posts like this help out.

How italian became the language of love! This is an interesting read, seriously!

Did you know that there is a greek word that can’t be translated? Actually it can’t be translated in any language and it’s not easy to describe it.

Don’t you hate it when a movie or a series ends in such a way that you’re justify with all sorts of answered questions? I know I do, so I went looking for  the actual answers to 6 famously unsolved movie/tv series.

Have you ever wondered what would carrie, samantha, miranda and charlotte wear today? No need to guess…check this out!

I just had a haircut! I don’t regret it but it makes me wander if I made of the 10 hair mistakes that make us look older. I mean hairstyles are supposed to make us look good, right?

16 great reads for the summer

To be honest, I came across this link by chance. But I loved the photos for the dog photographer of this annual competition. They are incredibly sweet, so don’t skip this!

I’m sure that a lot of you are making plans for your 4th of July celebrations. So, these 60 recipes might come handy to you.

Have a very happy time, xo