Who’s Te Esse?

Who’s Te Esse?

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I'm not weird. I'm limited edition. Quote appearing on a piece of paper from a flatlay image.

Original photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash.

Before I decided to begin this blog I did some research. Once I began setting it up I did even more research. And I assure you that it hasn’t been easy, especially in a country that is in deep recession. But then again I do believe that great things don’t happen by chance. You must work hard to “earn” them. I have learned so much already and yet, it feels like I have only explored the tip of the iceberg. But now that I got my “warm-up time” I’m here to stay. Because I admit it real LOUD: I love blogging about design. It brightens my day! 

A well known quote about design won't save the world but it damn sure makes it look good! Watermark black and white image of umbrellas as a design feature.

Original photo by Jim Kalligas on Unsplash

Every day we are flooded with information, especially images from all social media. Some of these capture our attention for a split of a second, others for much longer. The way we “edit” and process this information usually results in a “trend-making” pattern. Even the images or colors we discard follow a pattern. Some of these patterns reflect ourselves, but others don’t simply because they are a result of a “superficial” trend that just “runs” among us and wears off in due time. The interesting part about all this, is the actual interaction and editing process that leads to a better understanding of ourselves. As we grow, our editing process becomes more finely tuned. Some of us to a greater extent than others. Personally, I aspire to feel FREE…and freedom means to BE YOU (or te esse in Latin), even if that means swimming occasionally against the current!
Quote Believe in Yourself - Be You and anything is possible


So who’s Te EsseYou and you and you and you…and I.

See you around,


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