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A white room with a spring styling rustic aesthetic, lanterns and a string of lights hanging over a DIY looking sofa. Image: Lights4fun.

Spring is a season of new, fresh beginnings. It’s a time where nature’s glory hits a peak. It is also a great time to update your interior and exterior spaces; in other words time for some spring home styling. The weather is most favorable for taking up home improvement projects. During winter’s short daylight hours you have surely noted something that does not become you including everything else that you would like to change once and for all. So, if there is something about your design ensemble that makes you feel uneasy and you simply reached the point where you can’t simply ignore it, then it is time to do something about it and shake off those winter blues! Here’s how.

Spring Home Styling Starts With Cleaning

It is time to freshen up your home. How? For starters, get rid of all the unnecessary clutter that you have collected that’s getting dusted. It’s a must, if you really want your beloved pieces to pop. So, if you haven’t found a spot to permanently place or store that gadget or accessory or ornament then maybe it doesn’t really belong there. Just like the above quote suggests, keep the things you love. If you want your home to look its best then you really must get rid of all that’s not needed that only adds on a “weary” look to your interior.

Moreover, it helps to look through your drawers and closets. Arrange your clothing according to their color and you’ll end up with a super stylish closet that won’t cost you a thing! If you happen to have spare pillows, throws and candles then this is a good time to swap them.

Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Buying an oversized piece of art is an excellent way to create an interesting accent on a boring wall. Also, I strongly recommend to introduce a work of art in your gallery wall or renew some of those family photos and/or quotes as an absolute must!

Another great idea is to create a faux concrete wall finish, as an accent feature, to “build up” that sophisticated Mid-Century aesthetic backdrop.

A stylish, luxurious living space with a concrete accent wall in the background and windows from floor to ceiling on either side of it. Image: Essential Home.
Essential Home

Color enhancement

A dash of color for a spring home styling refresh is always a good idea. Perhaps this may be a good time to paint that guest room, basement or even your kitchen that you have put off for so long. If you’re still not up for it then, introducing pops of color here and there might be enough to make a change (i.e. an artwork print).

Partial view of a sophisticated interior with an original Marble like print on the white wall over a rustic sideboard. Image: Nat Maks.
Nat Maks. Marble original print.

Bright and deep colors like cobalt blue, indigo, lime and lilac are great colors for creating some beautiful accents here and there. A throw on your sofa in a bright, cheerful color is a real good idea. New dinnerware is another fabulous way to introduce your choice of pop color.

A white and bright bedroom with blue-ish bedding and a coastal vibe. Image: Matalan.

Personally, I like to change my bedding color scheme. I find it amusing and an inexpensive way to change my mood instantly. Sometimes I buy a new duvet cover, while other times I just buy pillow cases in a different color, but in coordination to the existing bedding and it feels like a whole new set (although it costs just a fraction).

A white, bright bedroom with a rustic vibe and a string of lights hanging from the wooden beams of the pitched roof. Image: Lights4fun.

However, before setting out to paint any walls, it might be wise to determine your color palette. Personally, I strongly believe that nature provides as with the best possible color combinations. Hence, your favorite picture from a landscape may be your next best inspiration source for color coordinated schemes. (Furthermore, I stumbled upon this site a while back with beautiful color combinations based on true inspiration from nature and I’ve used it a few times already, I think it’s worth visiting if you’re color blocked).

Another good idea if you are a DIY fan (even a beginner) is to change the color of a piece of furniture i.e. your nightstand or dresser using chalk paint. Check out Annie Sloane’s tutorials I and II on color distressing techniques. You’ll be surprised with the result! Or even make this simple DIY wall hanging.

Spring Home Styling: Yes to Wallpaper

Wallpaper’s popularity is growing steadily once again over these last years. I really like them but I admit that I used to hesitate using them some years back. But, wallpapers have come a long way making them a really interesting option to consider. There are some extremely good quality wallpapers with floral or geometric patterns and made of a variety of materials like silk and bamboo thus, they have a wonderful texture and feel to them.

Adding wallpaper is a great idea for some spring home styling. A contemporary living space with a mid-century inspired armchair besides a small square coffee table. Image: Cultfurniture.

Their price tag is not always very attractive. However, if you limit the coverage area then you can cut down the cost considerably. The bottom line is that you can decide how far you want to go with them i.e. an accent ceiling, a single wall, a mural, a screen, a fireplace, a vanity room… The outcome is a long-lasting, awesome focal point with a timeless style. If you ask my opinion, wallpaper on accent ceilings is the ultimate style-setter! So, perhaps this is a good time to introduce wallpapers in your home as well.

Suggested read: Fantastic Wallpaper Ideas

A vignette with two soft pink velvet armchairs in front of a bold tropical print inspired wallcovering. Image: Very.co.uk.

Green Styling

This is the perfect time to add some new plants as a style statement and that includes adding fresh flower arrangements just about everywhere. Don’t forget to replace any plant that hasn’t survived through the winter. Planting herbs and keeping them in the kitchen is one of my favorite things. It comes unbelievably handy to have some fresh basil, rosemary, parsley and spearmint just when you need them.

Spring Home Styling. A wooden round dining table and chairs set for a meal with a very tall cactus plant in the background as decor

I never thought so until I tried it myself and used them repeatedly in my home cooking. But besides the herbs, there are several low maintenance plants such as the cactus, aloe vera, livistona palm, fern and my all time favorite: the olive tree, that you can introduce in your living room and/or bedroom at an empty corner or even on your coffee table. Plants and flowers are bright reminders to get in touch with nature anytime, all the time and at any place.

A joyful vibrant kitchen with yellow pops of color and a vase with sunflowers on the kitchen island. Spring home styling at its finest. Image: Homesense.

Celebrate spring by embracing all its colors, odors, and sounds… If I was to give you an advice it would be to focus on the people you love and how you share your home and time with them and worry less about everything else. I will surely like to take on this advice myself because the truth is I don’t think I do that as much as I should… (but that’s something I will be posting about soon)!

Have fun getting inspired and remember to share these simple inspiration tips,

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P.S. Last updated (06/02/21).

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