Home improvements

Home improvements

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Summer is just around the corner. This is the season that we are all looking forward to – holidays, weekends away, traveling, swimming, cycling, hiking – basically anything one desires becomes a reality without second thoughts. This is also a great season, just before it gets too hot, to do some home improvements!

View of a vignette with a grey sofa, a minimal floor lamp, a large print against a wall and a dining set.

Undoubtdly, everyone has found oneself in a dilemma about this or that modification in one’s habitat. Some people like myself, find themselves caught in this turmoil constantly! The ultimate motivation behind home improvements should rely on one’s own personal development and growth. It also reflects one’s comfort zone broadening and may I even dare say “style awakening“. 

A vibrant contemporary living room with a rusty hue sofa, an oversized mirror and plants next to it and a three tables of various sizes as a coffee table.

Design Your Pace & Space

The goal is to make a house feel like a home that is aesthetically pleasing and fulfulling, cozy and relaxing – basically, worry free. (I wonder if that day will ever come for me)! The rule of thumb is that a well designed home does not leave much room for home improvements later. However, there are those of us who live in a house that was once someone else’s home and now it must become ours and despite one’s efforts, it is still not quite there yet.

If a stylish renovation or remodeling is beyond one’s budget then, there is always room for home improvements, because these will take place over a much longer time span. And there’s nothing wrong with that! As a matter of fact, I’m a fan of slow design and I have embraced its values. Perhaps you should consider slow design as well. (Hop over this post where I discuss the principles of slow design).

A black dining set with a vase in the middle and pendant lights hanging over it.

Home Improvement Ideas

Going at a slow pace about your home improvement projects will surely go easy on your wallet, create a more user friendly environment and naturally to highlight your style. Highlighting is the keyword in any type of home improvement. Your style can be highlighted by paying attention to the smallest details, especially in terms of home decor. Because it is the small details that can make all the difference in the world.

Partial view of a kitchen with top white cabinetry and bottom blue cabinetry.

For example, your kitchen/bathroom cabinets may seem to you somewhat indifferent. One solution is to simply change the hardware. Do not replace the knobs with something indifferent. A knob to die for, is the detail element that can make a huge impact on the way you and others perceive your cabinets. (For more easy bathroom decorating ideas read here).

Let me give you another example. If your kitchen counter top looks worn out and old then, one solution is to replace it with another with a different color and/or texture. I changed my original kitchen counter top last year (from a smooth whitish to a silverish steel-like with a textured feel to it). It was a bit fussy that one morning, but the outcome was well worth it. It feels like I have a new kitchen. (For more: kitchen decorating ideas).

Boldness Pays Off

Be bold and create a good design flow, while adding texture and depth in a room. There are several ways to go about that, but here are some ideas for you to consider as a brainstorm. It is then up to you to see what your next steps should be.

Partial view of an artwork hanging from a deep brown wall and over a sideboard.

Perhaps you could create an accent wall or a ceiling for that matter. (In this post I’m linking I discuss accent walls vs ceilings and you’ll find some wallpaper inspiration here). New curtains or blinds that allow for better light and glare management may be in order. Window treatments is a design element with a large impact in any space. If you change your window treatments, you will automatically change the whole vibe to it. It is an instant update without the hustle and bustle of a renovation.

Moving on with ideas, perhaps a room looks somewhat dark. Therefore, you should consider your lighting – both natural and artificial. Shady corners are anything but charming. I discuss all the lighting basics here (think like a crash 101 design lesson), while I lay out some brilliant designer lighting options here.

Introducing greenery is yet another affordable way to add a lively decor element into your adobe. But it is the details that make a difference, so take a closer look at your planters. Perhaps they need a fresh coat of paint or adding on some geometrical shapes to them or keywords to make them more personal. After all adding a touch of typography with a personal favorite word here and there can look amazing.

Tip about your greenery: Be sure to rearrange your plants for a different feel! Remember, some plants grow faster than others and so it is likely that re-positioning them in a different rearrangement may work better for you.

The list of suggestions is endless. However, one thing is important to remember. Your style is strictly defined by the way you edit and highlight everything. So go on and have fun with it…