Who’s Te Esse?

Before I decided to begin this blog I did some research. Once I began setting it up I did even more research. And I assure you that it hasn’t been easy, especially in a country that is in deep recession. But then again I do believe that great things don’t happen by chance. You must work hard to “earn” them. I have learned so much already and yet, it feels like I have only explored the tip of the iceberg. But now that I got my “warm-up time” I’m here to stay. Because I admit it real LOUD: I love blogging about design. It brightens my day!

Every day we are flooded with information, especially images from all social media. Some of these capture our attention for a split of a second, others for much longer. The way we “edit” and process this information usually results in a “trend-making” pattern. Even the images or colors we discard follow a pattern. Some of these patterns reflect ourselves, but others don’t simply because they are a result of a “superficial” trend that just “runs” among us and wears off in due time. The interesting part about all this, is the actual interaction and editing process that leads to a better understanding of ourselves. As we grow, our editing process becomes more finely tuned. Some of us to a greater extent than others. Personally, I aspire to feel FREE…and freedom means to BE YOU (or te esse in Latin), even if that means swimming occasionally against the current!

So who’s Te Esse? You and you and you and you…and I.

See you around,

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Welcome! I’m Velvet, an engineer by profession, an artist at heart with a designer’s psyche. “Te Esse” is my philosophy (it means to Be You in Latin), but it’s also the foundation of this platform where I get to share my obsessions about design and style, explore new ideas and trends and real homemade stories that make up my urban bliss!

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