The rear of a young blonde woman with long hair walking in nature

Hair Mask Treatment :: An All Natural Remedy

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A woman’s hair reflects her state of well being. As such, all the women I’ve ever known worry about their hair at some point or another. Whether it’s long or…

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A woman standing on a rock boulder by the sea with her arms spread high up in joy

Commitment to Wellness

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Hello again friends, During these two weeks of summer holidays, I got the chance to live some of the most precious family moments and work on my wellness. I left…

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A woman in jean shorts is walking along a beach shore splashing about with her leg

Summer’s To Do List

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Sometimes, we forget ourselves… Every now and then I try to make lists to get myself back on track! Relaxing and getting some proper rest helps to recharge our bodies…

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10 Reasons Why Aging is Cool

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Hi everyone! The other day we had a get together with friends and at some point in our conversation ‘aging’ came up. It was funny to watch our faces. We…

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A "Merry Christmas" sign on a rustic table among other Christmas decor

A Christmas Note

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In times of uncertainty, overall turmoil and distress, I find it comforting, soothing and healing to spent holidays with my family. I think almost everyone feels the same way. Getting…

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