Commitment to Wellness

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Hello again friends, During these two weeks of summer holidays, I got the chance to live some of the most precious family moments and work on my wellness. I left work aside and focused solely on doing things that I enjoy like swimming, spending time with my children, eating out, making sand castles. I feel…

Summer’s To Do List

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Sometimes, we forget ourselves… Every now and then I try to make lists to get myself back on track! Relaxing and getting some proper rest helps to recharge our bodies and minds, so even if we don’t manage to do any of the things below we shouldn’t skip the last one! Summer’s To Do List…

10 Reasons Why Aging is Cool

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Hi everyone! The other day we had a get together with friends and at some point in our conversation ‘aging’ came up. It was funny to watch our faces. We all became a little gloomy for a couple of minutes while contemplating it. Of course, we all agreed that it’s an inevitable process yet, that…

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