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A portrait of Marina Vernicos with her camera while in action.

Marina Vernicos :: The Sea Queen

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You know a great photographer when you see one! Each great photograph has the power to communicate the photographer’s essence without words. It sparks up emotions, thoughts and even haunts you…

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Elizabetta Rizzato standing in the Forest of Lamps exhibition installation at the first Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. Image copyright: Italianbark.

Must See :: The Digital Art Museum in Tokyo

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Japan is one the fastest growing travel destinations. It surely is one of the most fascinating too. And a new attraction is giving travelers an additional reason to visit her…

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Close up image of an experimental painting with thin rings of white and black paints. Image by Lurm on Unsplash.

4 Art Exhibitions Not To Be Missed

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The weekend is finally here and so many of you might be going away on a getaway. Lucky you. Traveling is one of those things I can’t get enough of……

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A ship sailing in a deep blue sea. Image by Stratos Kalafatis

The Rising Star: Photography

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Hi everyone! I hope you have a great Independence Day! So, onto a quick question: how many photos did you take this weekend or planning to take during July 4th…

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A drawing of a colored lady singing into a retro mike

Artwork by Denise Riga

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Lately, I have intentionally let myself get lost in the mesmerizing world of art, for I find art is one of my greatest healers and motivation boosters. Blame this mood…

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