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Fall Fashion :: Wardrobe Revamp

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Summer is out of the picture, but Instagram is flooded with photos of the latest fashions. What are the latest fashions to look out for? Don’t worry, I got you covered. This is the age where anything goes. Hence, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes with this season’s essentials. Take a minute’s break to find…

The Shopping Mantra Remedy for Impulse Shopping

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Fall is here, even if the weather’s holding up. Along with the orange leaves and the chillier nights, new fashion collections appear overnight everywhere. Their windows constantly remind us the ‘rush of happiness’ we feel when we shop. How many of us are guilty of impulse shopping sprees? Most of us, including myself. Every season…

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Rock Away With the Classic Breton Tee

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September is just around the corner and it’s one of my favorite months. I truly love its light and how it gleams so warmly onto the surfaces. Yet, I catch myself feeling I’m in between seasons! Do you know what I mean? Don’t you ever get that feeling? It’s not like I have given up…

Packing for the Greek Islands: The Summer Guide

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Ladies, can you think of anything worse than getting ready for a dream vacation only to realize when you get there that you have packed all the wrong things?! So, here’s a guide of the essentials of a summer wardrobe inspired by the long summers in the Greek islands. Because being prepared can ensure that…

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6 Key Elements Parisian Women Can Teach Us

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There are some women that have a chic elegance, the kind that all the rest of us envy (in a good sense). Take Parisian women for example who have a ‘laissez faire’ flair about them that makes them look gorgeous even without any make up on, despite the odd wrinkles. No one cares about their…

For Mother’s Day: Stylish Gift Ideas

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New and Old Moms Today I’m really excited. Elisabeth has arranged for our mother to come over and take some photos of us (yes, all imagery is by Elisabeth). Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday and I thought that it would be nice to have a photo of my mother, myself and my daughter. It’s…

Comfort zones and style

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Have you ever wondered what’s your style or what kind of power your image/style exudes on others? Who or what defines one’s style. Lately, questions like these have haunted me. These questions and many more have sparked my desire to share my thoughts in this blog. Initially, I began to try to verbalize my thoughts…

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