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A round table with a coffee maker, a plant pot and other crockery inside with two metal chairs arranged by a large window with a city view. It looks like it's overcast oudoors

Fun Reading 10.13

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Yes!! The weekend is finally here. It’s the perfect time to get away, to unwind and spent time with loved ones. Personally, I want to spend as many hygge moments as I possibly can. I’m thinking of lit candles in our fireplace, hot chocolate and staying tucked under a throw, for as long as I…

Fun Links for a Great Weekend

440 440 Velvet

Hi everyone! How are you all? Today I thought I share this song with you first before anything else. Sometimes a song is the best way to describe our mood, our thoughts, our worries and emotions. This song describes a lot our feelings about this moody season. By the way, I hope you enjoyed the…

The rear of a woman sitting gazing at a city view from atop is shown in this picture

Fun Links for a Great Weekend

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Well hello there! Looking forward to the weekend? I’m certainly looking forward to it. I’m planning to do some catching up with my reading and perhaps a little painting. I feel this inspirational urge that I need to unleash and my white canvas better be ready for me! Ha, ha! Despite all the ongoing “turbulence”…

Two young women sitting at the edge of a pier holding hands

Have a Great Weekend!

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Hi, there! What an exhausting week it has been! But the weekend is finally here and we have to attend a wedding!! Sometimes it feels like we’re going to weddings all year long, except for a few short intervals, just enough for us to catch our breaths! Lol! But seriously, it’s nice though to see…

Have a Happy Weekend

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Hi everyone! The weekend is almost here and I hope you all have some exciting plans. I’ve been doing a little gardening this week and got myself some new cacti. Their my new fixation. First I made a terrarium with cacti, so while I was at it I thought why not introduce more cacti here…

scrabble letter making the words "back to school, learn, read, math"

Happy Weekend’s Reading!

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Hi there! How’s everyone? I know schools have already began since Tuesday in the States, but in Greece not yet. They’re starting this coming Monday. In any case, I wish best of luck to all the children and a really happy school year to all! My son can’t wait (yep, he’s excited) while I can’t…

A young woman sitting on the ground gazing at nature (a lake and mountains) at sunset hour

Happy Long Weekend

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Hi everyone! It’s September and I wish you all the best. Looking forward to this weekend? I am. I’ve had both of my kids with the flu since Monday, so I really need to finally go outdoors and have some simple, honest fun. We don’t have any plans yet, but we’ll improvise…perhaps a little cycling…

A straw Panama hat, a cover tunic with pink and blue patterns, sunglasses all resting on a turquoise beach towel

Have a Wonderful August Weekend!

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Hi everyone! Can you believe that this will be the last weekend of August? Seriously, time flies! But it’s not the end of the summer…and so we’ll definitely go to the beach this weekend. Now that we’re back home, I think my kids have really missed going to the beach everyday like they did for…

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