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Root grass being blown by the wind as captured by Karolina during a walk by a lake.

Fun Reading 01.19

440 440 Velvet

Hello there! I’m quite excited. Chances are that we’ll be going away this weekend on a mini-getaway! Honestly, I can’t wait for it. But before, I go to prepare our stuff, I’ve collected some really cool links for some fun reading over the weekend. I’ve chosen a travelogue, a house tour in Baltimore, a house…

What a cool shot of a open flower market with loads of fresh flower bouquets as a woman approaches the stand.

Fun Reading 01.12

440 440 Velvet

Hi there! This week has been extremely slow or so it seems but it’s coming to an end…YAY! I’ll try to get a little extra sleep on the weekend and hopefully get myself better organized. Every now and then, I must declutter all that paperwork that’s been piling up on my desk and finish off…

A wooden reindeer ornament in the foreground against a blurry blueish background

Fun Reading 12.22

440 440 Velvet

It’s 2+1 days left to Christmas and I can’t get over the fact how fast time flies! It’s been a year since I started blogging regularly and so I have plenty to celebrate for. I’m most grateful to my old, loyal friend readers and I would also like to thank the new ones for joining…

A branch of holly berry upon a gray linen cloth. A minimal image with Christmas insinuation

Fun Reading 12.15

440 440 Velvet

Nine days + 1 till Christmas! YES! I’m so excited that I can barely make myself type these words. The weekend is almost here and it’s a super special one for us. We’ll be baptizing my baby daughter!! 🙂 So, this has been a unusually hectic week for us, trying to get everything under control.…

A beautiful Christmas wreath (mostly all green) hanging from a dark teal front door

Fun Reading 12.8

440 440 Velvet

Well hello there! I just realized that this is the first of the last three fun reading posts before this year is out!! Suddenly, I’m feeling a little pressure to make them more festive! So, are any of you feeling the holiday buzz? This buzz seems to be getting louder as I grow older, and…

Fun Reading 12.1

440 440 Velvet

Unbelievable! It’s the first of December already! In Greece, every first of a month we wish everyone “Καλό Μήνα” or a “Good Month!” I hope most of you are in a holiday spirit… I’m not yet, but that’s something that will certainly change within this weekend, because hopefully I’ll finally get around to decorate for…

Detail image of a Thanksgiving place setting with a small white pumpkin on a white china plate

Fun Reading 11.24

440 440 Velvet

It’s Thanksgiving for so many of you in the U.S. and so I wish you all a glorious time. Judging from some of the photos posted on your Facebook pages it looks like you’ve been having some great Thanksgiving dinners. I find it a wonderful thing to take time off, count blessings and give thanks.…

A white mug against a black background with whipped cream and chocolate syrup falling on top of it

Fun Reading 11.17

440 440 Velvet

Hi everyone! It’s Friday and guess what… I have rounded up some new links for fun reading. It’s been a long week with quite a lot of rain here in Athens. Sadly, there were one too many losses. 🙁 Therefore, all the more reason to stay home and cuddle up with loved ones. Photo by…

Woman working on a laptop with her phone, coffee and a vase with beautiful white flowers next to her

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