A woman sitting by the edge of a pool with her feet inside the water and a portable light besides her after sunset hours creating a soothing ambiance. Image by Nest.co.uk.

Summer Holidays

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One of the best times of the year, my summer holidays, are finally here! Oh yes! The majority of the people in Greece take their summer holiday in August and…

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A frappe coffee served in a glass with a sea view in the background. Image by Antonis Drakakis. Copyright Te Esse.

Living Without Coffee For 20+ Years

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I bet this post title will freak out some of you, but it’s true. I have been living without coffee for 20+ years now. And hey, guess what?! I have…

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Close up image of an experimental painting with thin rings of white and black paints. Image by Lurm on Unsplash.

4 Art Exhibitions Not To Be Missed

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The weekend is finally here and so many of you might be going away on a getaway. Lucky you. Traveling is one of those things I can’t get enough of……

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A detailed close up of a dandelion.

Fun Reading 05.18

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Hey, how has your week been so far? I had a really tough one. My little girl got the flu on Monday and we’re still trying to recover. I used…

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a field of rose tulips. the image is turned 90 degrees counterclockwise though.

Fun Reading 05.04

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Well it’s finally Friday evening and as I type these words, I sigh in relief. The weekend is here and it’s time to rest. It has been one loooong week!…

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Fun Reading 04.27

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Well hello there! It’s Friday, it’s a beautiful sunny day and it almost feels like summer! Whatever happened to spring?! Anyway, things are looking up and so are our spirits,…

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