Lots of hanging round light bulbs that are semi white and semi transparent against a dark background

Home improvements: Chapter 2 – Lighting

440 440 Velvet

  Let there be light… In any interior or exterior space, one of the most significant features is lighting. It “makes” a space or it “breaks” it. Lighting a space…

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Two metal buckets filled with flowers

Home improvements: Chapter 1 – Planters

440 440 Velvet

Plain planters are sometimes indifferent. Painting them over with a “twist” will definitely give your planters a whole new look and add a dosage of personality. It also happens to…

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Two wooden coffee tables side by side in the foreground against an off-red sofa in the background

Home improvements

440 440 Velvet

Summer is just around the corner. This is the season that we are all looking forward to – holidays, weekends away, traveling, swimming, cycling, hiking – basically anything one desires…

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Woman working on a laptop with her phone, coffee and a vase with beautiful white flowers next to her

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