Gallery Wall: 5 Reasons to Have One!

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One of the best ways to add your personal style in any space is to create a gallery wall. Gallery walls are compositions (small or big), cool clusters of loved collectibles! I…

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A stylish white kitchen with a large white island and chandelier pendant lights over it.

Home Improvements Chapter 8: Dreamy Kitchens

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A kitchen can be so much more than just a room where you prepare and cook food by definition.  It is a place that hosts all family members with a…

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A white shelf against a light green wall with decor for babies (little books and cuddle toys) as part of a nursery

Home Improvements Chapter 7: All about kids

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Every parent craves to setup the ideal bedroom for their child/children; a bedroom that generates a feeling of carefree fun, warmth and security, but most definitely a personal style.  As…

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seaview from the Quarter of Vaporia in Syros

Architectural Gems on the Greek Island of Syros

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Midst the Cycladic complex lies a “Lady Charmer” the isle of Syros, rich in cultural heritage and astonishing architecture – a huge inspiration source. Last summer, I was lucky to…

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A luxurious off white living interior with Barcelona armchairs, an off white rug and a mirrored coffee table

Special Feature: Magic Rugs (Part I)

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Rugs are one of the three magic ingredients to any beautiful home! It makes no difference if your home has a classic, rustic, modern, country or contemporary styling. Rugs are…

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Three leather chairs aligned one next to the other with a white coffee table in front of them, on a colorful pattern rug, against a 3D white wallcovering

2017’s Trends

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    Image by MyWallArt via CC By 4.0 2017  The new year has come along with our high expectations for new beginnings. This is a great time to ponder with…

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