A classic black wooden desk with a tanned leather swivel chair resting upon a deep red bukhara area rug. There's also a stack of books on the left with lit candles and a floor lamp on the right. A glass vase with flowers is on the desk along with a laptop and a newspaper. The background wall is dark gray.

Masculine Interior Decorating

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Over the years in my professional career, I have come to realize that a lot of men have a great sense of style (a lot more than I believed at first). They love to be fashionable and are very design conscious. As a matter of fact, a great deal of them are very much into…

A medium size art piece of a pink flower painting resting upon a white chest against a white wall with two vases next to it on the right and a plant on the left

Hanging Artwork :: The Ultimate Guide

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Well hello there! I have a little fix for you today that might come handy to you; a little unsolicited advice to help you shape up your homes… There are definitely two “design mistakes” designers notice when walking inside a house for the first time, even if it’s just a social call. (Let’s be honest,…

2018’s Design Trends in Home Decor

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It’s been almost a year since I began blogging on a regular basis. I know that because it was around this time of year, too, that I posted my list of design trends for 2017. Well, guess what! Not much has changed for 2018. Image by ENO_Studio via CC BY ND 2.0 However, an emphasis…

A set of porcelain dinnerware with indigo blue trim and a discrete design in the center

Hand Painted Porcelain Dinnerware :: The Ultimate Holiday Maker

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The holidays are coming! Soon enough there will be Christmas trees and decor just about everywhere and along with it, an ongoing holiday buzz about brunches, dinner feasts and parties with family and friends. It is such an exciting season and with all that preparation that goes into it, surely our expectations for a jolly…

stylish white leather Barcelona armchair in minimal interior design with a white sideboard on the right and hardwood floors

Midcentury Furniture Fever :: Accent Chairs

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Midcentury modern furniture still have home decor lovers mesmerized. The very essence of Scandinavian minimalism relies on modern furniture. Their distinctive architectural form only adds on to their timeless beauty. They are unpretentious and sleek. I for one, admire their forward design, their informality and relaxed feel they carry so well. Mix some of the…

5 Cool Reasons To Hire an Interior Designer

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Much too often people wonder and ask: “Do I really need an interior designer/stylist/architect?” As a matter of fact a reader asked that very question last week, while she was seeking advice for her newly bought home. Therefore, I thought I write an open letter, hoping to address this question in a short and sweet…

Vintage typewriter on a table with nails studs around the perimeter and a mirror behind it

Industrial Design Decorating Ideas for a Rental

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Hi, there! This post is dedicated to a reader and friend, Anne, who loves industrial decor but lives in a rental. She dropped me a line and asked for some advice on how to personalize her home without breaking the bank and give it an industrial feel with all the “restrictions” that apply to rentals.…

The Magic of Rugs – Special Feature Part II

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Well hello everyone! As the weather is beginning to remind us that winter is just around the corner, I thought that this is probably a good time to talk about area rugs – the one accessory with the same impact as artwork. Both, make homes cohesive, cozy and inviting. They are our signature in our…

Woman working on a laptop with her phone, coffee and a vase with beautiful white flowers next to her

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