Three ladies sitting at the edge of a cliff with their hands held high from excitement overlooking some white cliffs and turquoise blue waters in Greece

Packing for the Greek Islands: The Summer Guide

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Ladies, can you think of anything worse than getting ready for a dream vacation only to realize when you get there that you have packed all the wrong things?! So,…

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Wanderlust Adventure: Traveling with a 3 year old to Disneyland Paris

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Surprise! About three years ago, George surprised me for our fourth wedding anniversary in July with a fully booked trip to Disneyland Paris. He actually booked at one of Disneyland’s…

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Wanderlust Adventure: Sailing

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A Weekend Sailing at the Greek Islands Some years back, George and I (way before we got married) along with two other couples went sailing for a weekend with a…

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Planning to visit the Greek islands in the summer? Read on!

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Midst the Cycladic complex lies a “Lady Charmer” the isle of Syros, rich in cultural heritage and astonishing architecture – a huge inspiration source. Last summer, I was lucky to…

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Athens – the flirty muse

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Source Athens skyline at sunset   Athens, named after the goddess Athena is located in the region of Attica with an exceptional regional-climate (also known as the Attica climate —…

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Journey – Stemnitsa – Traditional village in Greek countryside

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Last weekend we visited the heart of the Peloponese and in particular a traditional village called Stemnitsa in the Arcadia region, built on a rough rocky mountainous terrain at an…

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Journey – Kefalonia isle

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One of the places that are very dear to my heart is the isle of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea of Greece. It is a captivating place with exquisite beaches…

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