A bouquet of orange and purple tulips flat on a white surface with a note that reads love.

To My Mom

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Dear Mom, I haven’t made you, and worse written you a Mother’s Day card for ages. I have forgotten to properly “thank you” one time too many. I have passed…

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Two twin sisters looking pretty in raincoats embracing each other on a narrow timber footbridge outdoors.

The Eco-Friendly Fashion Label Moms Need To Know Now

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Ah, whenever we make a discovery, a thrill comes over us. Doesn’t it? It’s an innate response to anything that fascinates our imagination and sparks the birth of new possibilities!…

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Rona, my friend with her baby in her arms.

The Benefits and Challenges of a Multi-Cultural Family Environment

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Raising a multi-lingual family has certainly its benefits and share of challenges. The exposure to different languages means exposure to different mindsets and ultimately a broader way of thinking. But…

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A little girl is on her toes wearing deep red ankle socks with white stars, as she apparently is reaching out to a Christmas tree with gift boxes under it

An Open Letter for a More Minimal Christmas

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The holidays are coming. Yessss! My son has began to countdown to Christmas eve, he’s actually old enough to do that! Gosh, they grow fast. (Better said: we grow fast)!…

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A Cathy Thorne cartoon of a woman standing next to a baby food-chair and a baby's crawling on the floor. The caption reads: "Actually the crumbs are left on purpose on the floor to develop fine motor skills."

Mommy Give Us a Smile!

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Well hello mommies! I have a treat for you today that will bring about a smile on your face…Cartoons! About us moms! I was preparing a post about us mothers…

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A mom holding her baby's feet between her hands

Breastfeeding and Baby Silent Reflux

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Hey new mommies! I want to share a personal experience of mine with you all, hoping that it might be of some help you… When I found out I was…

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Disneys castle in Paris lit for the night-show

Wanderlust Adventure: Traveling with a 3 year old to Disneyland Paris

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Surprise! About three years ago, George surprised me for our fourth wedding anniversary in July with a fully booked trip to Disneyland Paris. He actually booked at one of Disneyland’s…

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For Mother’s Day: Stylish Gift Ideas

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New and Old Moms Today I’m really excited. Elisabeth has arranged for our mother to come over and take some photos of us (yes, all imagery is by Elisabeth). Mother’s…

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My Mommy is Blogging!

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Today’s post will be somewhat different than the usual ones. I won’t talk about design with numerous photos to make my point…instead, I’ll share with you some of my thoughts,…

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A white shelf against a light green wall with decor for babies (little books and cuddle toys) as part of a nursery

Home Improvements Chapter 7: All about kids

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Every parent craves to setup the ideal bedroom for their child/children; a bedroom that generates a feeling of carefree fun, warmth and security, but most definitely a personal style.  As…

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