Three ladies sitting at the edge of a cliff with their hands held high from excitement overlooking some white cliffs and turquoise blue waters in Greece

Packing for the Greek Islands: The Summer Guide

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Ladies, can you think of anything worse than getting ready for a dream vacation only to realize when you get there that you have packed all the wrong things?! So,…

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Portrait of French actress Emmanuelle Beart

6 Key Elements Parisian Women Can Teach Us

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There are some women that have a chic elegance, the kind that all the rest of us envy (in a good sense). Take Parisian women for example who have a…

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Image of a stylish woman with sunglasses, a jeans shirt, a tanned leather belt, an ivory maxi skirt holding a tanned tote leather bag standing in the middle of the street

Street Fashion Summer Trends

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Summer is here, even with an occasional shower rain. And so I would like to share with you the latest summer fashion trends, that stood out for me, as promised.…

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For Mother’s Day: Stylish Gift Ideas

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New and Old Moms Today I’m really excited. Elisabeth has arranged for our mother to come over and take some photos of us (yes, all imagery is by Elisabeth). Mother’s…

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Design and Street Fashion Fascination

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At last spring is in the air! Nature is on a wake up call and so am I.  I have compiled a short video with spring street fashion images that…

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Get in Style with Super Trendy Chevron Patterns

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Pattern is one of the biggest trends this year and perhaps this decade.  It is a trend that’s here to stay! One of the most easy-going patterns of all is…

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Comfort zones and style

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Have you ever wondered what’s your style or what kind of power your image/style exudes on others? Who or what defines one’s style. Lately, questions like these have haunted me.…

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