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Summer’s To Do List

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Sometimes, we forget ourselves… Every now and then I try to make lists to get myself back on track! Relaxing and getting some proper rest helps to recharge our bodies…

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A table and chairs of a Greek taverna set up outdoors with a olive tree branch as decor on the table and an amazing sea view as a backdrop

Fun Reading for an Awesome Weekend

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Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it’s been almost a week since I came to Syros with my family for our summer holidays! Time flies so I try to spend…

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Three ladies sitting at the edge of a cliff with their hands held high from excitement overlooking some white cliffs and turquoise blue waters in Greece

Packing for the Greek Islands: The Summer Guide

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Ladies, can you think of anything worse than getting ready for a dream vacation only to realize when you get there that you have packed all the wrong things?! So,…

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A typical minimal white living room in the Cyclades

La Dolce Vita Living in the Greek Islands

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Every year during the summer, most Greeks long to travel to the Greek islands. The Cycladic island complex in the Aegean Sea is by far a top favorite destination. Although…

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Portrait of French actress Emmanuelle Beart

6 Key Elements Parisian Women Can Teach Us

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There are some women that have a chic elegance, the kind that all the rest of us envy (in a good sense). Take Parisian women for example who have a…

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A cave with clear blue waters in Kefallonia isle, Greece. Rental boats are on stand by mode for tourists to hop on and sail into the Melissani cave

More Fun Reading Links for a Great Weekend

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This was a difficult week for me yet, very fulfilling. It was very busy but I managed to get the blog’s makeover done as scheduled and that went pretty well.…

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A beautiful wide corridor with ceiling molding and a white and black design marble flooring.

Marvelous Marble

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After a week of hard work, the blog’s makeover is mostly over. It finally looks like I truly want it. Any feedback of course would be greatly appreciated. But, time…

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A rocky flat cliff with sunbeds on it and blue turquoise waters under on a sunny day.

Fun Reading Links for A Fab Weekend

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  Beach at Corfu, Greece: Pin from my Pinterest Board Incredible Travel. Source I’m super excited this week. I’m going to give my blog a makeover!!! At last! After this…

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A ship sailing in a deep blue sea. Image by Stratos Kalafatis

The Rising Star: Photography

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Hi everyone! I hope you have a great Independence Day! So, onto a quick question: how many photos did you take this weekend or planning to take during July 4th…

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10 Reasons Why Aging is Cool

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Hi everyone! The other day we had a get together with friends and at some point in our conversation ‘aging’ came up. It was funny to watch our faces. We…

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