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Welcome to “Te Esse.” We are two sisters, Velvet and Elisabeth. We are moms and design addicts with en engineering discipline who believe that

 True beauty is never perfect!

We share our passion for design, eclectic trends and “out of the box” spaces, and love any style that is an outcome of diversity and individuality. Quote: Simplicity is Complexity in Disguise, by Te EsseWe also enjoy good living, travel, style, arts, fashion, and parenting as much as any other girl. So, this is our joint project that began with an emphasis on simple, honest design, but aspires to grow steadily into something much bigger – a journey where we share ideas, inspiration sources, trends and tips, endless possibilities and a few homemade stories that celebrate living. We seek to be your source of fun, creative, intriguing inspiration that will brighten your life. Thank you for reading this. Please, make sure you also check out our policies.

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About Velvet

I launched my career as a civil engineer some 20 years ago. My engineering discipline gave me a strong backbone for developing my skills in design, my passion. My creative process has evolved over the years and has helped me build an inner confidence to explore possibilities without the factor of “fear” but more importantly, without overshadowing my clients’ personalities.

Back in 2015, I decided to create a blog for expressing myself, my views about my industry and to share lots of inspiration sources. I named it “Te Esse” for it was the best way to describe my philosophy mantra. It means ‘be yourself’ in Latin. That’s the only way to fear less and live more! I had to put it on hold for a year and a half, because of some pregnancy issues but, my zeal and passion only grew stronger and so I picked it up from where I left off and I elaborated on it. And I will continue to do so, for I’m hoping that it will serve as a reliable, fun, sincere resource for your projects with sprinkles of real life homemade stories. Needless, to say that I’m the curator of this blog. That means that I spend many hours scouting the web for design and styling trends, DIY projects, imagery on architecture, art, travel, new materials and technological advances, fashion, quotes, fun reading links and anything that gets under my skin.

I consult in interior design projects and refurbishments, while I also offer online consultations. Moreover, I’m preparing to launch my own bespoke small-furniture line. So, feel free to peruse “Te Esse,” visit my official page or check out a few projects below that I was involved in.

Some fun facts about me:

I love old mini coopers, quotes and September’s haze. My favorite treat is lemon sorbet with chocolate ice cream, while my all time favorite cartoon is pink-panther. Here’s a fact that only a few people know about me: I designed my own wedding shoes, and made the wedding favors myself. Furthermore, in 2003 I designed my own working desk that I use till today. I always wanted to be an artist. Although I didn’t get the chance back in my twenties, I never gave up on my dream. I like to paint with oil colors and I have actually sold two out of my five oil paintings.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth is the senior contributor in this project. She teamed up with me in 2016. At first she edited, but now she keeps things running smoothly in every possible way including anything that might go wrong! But she’s mainly the driving force in making this blog even better. She has a great eye for what is needed to complete the ensemble. Because of her outspoken, bright personality, she also handles most of the social media and manages all the preparations that go into the posts.

Some fun facts:

She’s the definition of a “posh bohemian.” She’s got green eyes, but no one had noticed that till she graduated from High School! Her favorite cartoon is Tweety. She loves lipsticks, bags, shoes and sunbathing! She’s also a little obsessed with flowers and plants, but no one holds that against her! How could we?


et to know us. We want to get to know you!

I post every Thursday on Design. Count on that! Also recently, I began posting every Friday fun reading links that are share-worthy under the Living category. Some of those links are home interior decor related, some will just make you smile and others are wellness related. It’s a medley of  links meant for laid-back reading in your leisure time. Furthermore, I am making an effort lately to consistently post something on Tuesdays from all the other between categories. As for the Wishlist, just like the name suggests it’s a list of things that I fancy (I’m not affiliated to them in any way). I would like you to know this: I don’t post just for the sake of posting and I post only about things I like with quality in mind for I don’t like spam anymore than you do. Thus, it would thrill us to have you join us!


We love to hear from you should you wish to share with us any ideas, thoughts, or concerns. Please feel free to write to Velvet and Elisabeth at info@te-esse.com. For more details see our Contact page.

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