September’s Metabolism Booster Workout Routine

September’s Metabolism Booster Workout Routine

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Happy September everyone! I’m still struggling to get my act together, but I’ll get there… Guess what? It’s time to hit those floors with our yoga mats, isn’t it?! I desperately need to workout. Swimming was great, but I have to replace it with a workout routine. So, this is our first video with a workout routine since the summer break. Ifiyenia has prepared an interval training routine for us, to get everything moving and pace up the heart rate a bit. I think it’s just what we need. It will boost our metabolism rate (yesss), build some muscle and detoxify our bodies through sweat. What a great way to start getting back into shape after our summer vacation break! 😉

New video out! A pinterest graphic for September's Metabolism Booster Workout Routine.

Let’s not forget that the heart is the muscle that keeps us alive and we have to train it too in order for it to stay healthy… So let’s do this.

Enjoy, xo


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