Fun Reading 11.3

Fun Reading 11.3

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Hello lovely people! Happy November! This is my birthday month (will be turning 42)! Ever since I was a kid I remember quite vividly how my sister and I longed for my birthday to come because right after it we began our Christmas decorating rituals. I don’t think much has changed since then. As a matter of fact, every year more and more people here in Greece decorate around mid November. The anticipation for the holidays and the joy that comes along with it are branded in my heart. Anyhow, as usual I have rounded up some cool links from the net for fun reading! By the way, one of them is a link for a free download to a beautiful wallpaper just perfect for this season…Be sure to check it out!

Let me start off with the 100 best photographs ever taken without Photoshop. Stunning! 😮

I thought these ethereal paintings of spirit animals wandering through landscapes bursting with color were quite dreamy!

I haven’t seen something like it before and I thought that if you’re a puzzle lover like me then you will be interested in computer generated jigsaw puzzles based on geological forms. Check it out.

This is the November mobile wallpaper and desktop background I mentioned earlier. Beautiful!

We all tend to make hair mistakes that make us look older 🙁  therefore, let’s stay clear of those!

This is a cool video on how to complement brown eyes. (Or green eyes for that matter)!

And last but not least, the cutest parenting advice given by kids. A must!

Have a great one! xo



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