Fun Reading 10.20

Fun Reading 10.20

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Hi everyone! The weekend is almost here, and I’m excited about a new project I have in mind. I’m planning to open an online art shop for my artwork. I think it’s about time that I put myself and my work out there more boldly and confidently than ever before and pursue it for real. Considering that I’m a huge introvert, this will definitely make me step out of my comfort zones. It also means that I will spend as much time as possible to create some new artwork as well. So, guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?! Anyway, have you made any plans? Well, no worries if you haven’t because I have handpicked some great links from around the web for some fun reading over the weekend.

See how many of these badass buildings in America you know or heard of.

This is one house tour I really liked. I also happened to be the NY townhouse that Julianne Moore calls home. It’s homey, cozy and very grounding. I loved the colors and its refined earthly sense. In one of the featured bedrooms there’s also an Odegard rug which I really liked.

See the hottest art-inspired looks to hit the runways for Spring 2018.

Did you that lack of sleep is making your hair fall out? I knew about hormonal imbalance and iron deficiency, but I had no idea that sleep also has something to do with it. I guess my mom was once more right about insisting that we get a good night’s beauty sleep!

Jennifer Aniston’s skincare tricks for looking younger. Some really good tips 😉

Most of us have surely heard of white noise, but pink noise is the answer to a better night’s sleep. It definitely sounds better, too!

A super easy DIY rope planter. It really is as easy as it looks.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!