Have a Great Weekend!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Hi, there! What an exhausting week it has been! But the weekend is finally here and we have to attend a wedding!! Sometimes it feels like we’re going to weddings all year long, except for a few short intervals, just enough for us to catch our breaths! Lol! But seriously, it’s nice though to see people wed and get the chance to share their happiness with them. What about you all? Any plans? Care for some fun? Then you’re in the right place with this week’s fun links.

Two young women sitting at the edge of a pier holding hands

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Let’s start out with something funny. Jimmy Fallon’s funny dad quotes! 🙂

Next again, Jimmy Fallon’s funny texts about the “weird roommate.”

Why feta cheese is the healthiest cheese in the world! I’m half Greek and I didn’t know that!!! Shame on me!

Top 10 herbs with medicinal effect that you can grow in your home. Some can be used in cooking as well!

And since, we love plants and gardening…here are the top 10 tips on how to grow one of the best air purifier ficus plant. By the way, they make a great addition in any interior. 😉

Don’t miss this! 15 hilarious parenting comics that are almost too real! So funny…

And now, a little fashion is in good order. Here are the most popular red carpet designers of 2017 .

Have a great weekend and don’t forget that signature smile of yours!



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