Fall Fashion :: Wardrobe Revamp

Fall Fashion :: Wardrobe Revamp

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Summer is out of the picture, but Instagram is flooded with photos of the latest fashions. What are the latest fashions to look out for? Don’t worry, I got you covered. This is the age where anything goes. Hence, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes with this season’s essentials. Take a minute’s break to find out more…

The Trends



Leopard prints


Gray power suits

Colored blocked accessories

Shiny pumps


Turtlenecks are on the comeback. Oval sunglasses are to be found everywhere. Black and white combinations seem as the perfect “safe” dress up code, especially with a red twist! Color blocked accessories and shiny pumps are the new “want-to have” that will dress up those gray power suits. Athleisure wear is still hot and my guess is that it will continue to be so for a very long time. One thing that got my attention though, while doing my Instagram feed search is that although pink is still trending, red is gaining ground and it will be the next “it” color for SS18.

Thus, the next question that comes to mind is ‘how do you wear these fashions?’ Well, it is all about mix and match, but the overall outfit should look smart and polished. Believe me, there’s a lot of effort put into some of these outfits. However, one way to get inspired is to follow the Instagram accounts of some of the most influential personas/celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, and Leandra Cohen (just to name a couple). They are both very fashion conscious to say the least.

So, what are your favorites for this season?


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