Fall Fashion :: Wardrobe Revamp

Fall Fashion :: Wardrobe Revamp

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Hi, there! Are we all ready to revamp our wardrobes? What are the latest fashions to look out for? How do we wear them? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Summer is out of the picture, but Instagram is flooded with photos of the latest fashions. Florals, sheers, leopard prints, tons of gray power suits and a lot more…Do I have your attention? Great, because I’ve lined up some of the top fashion personas and their sleek daily outfits for your eyes only!

Athleisure wear is still hot and my guess is that it will always be. Oval sunglasses are to be found everywhere. Turtlenecks are on the comeback. Black and white combinations seem to be a safe dress up code. An unexpected element especially in gray power suits, color blocked accessories and shiny pumps are all complimentary “want-to-haves.” Like I mentioned in an older post, ‘this is the age where anything goes!’ One thing that got my attention though, while doing my Instagram feed search is that although pink is still trending, red is gaining ground and it will be the next “it” color for SS18 (I promise I’ll have more on that in a future post). So without any further delay, here’s a roundup of personas/celebrities with some influential Instagram accounts in their most recent photos, including Iris Apfel, Nicki Rothchild, Leandra Cohen and Eva Chen (just to name a few) that are very fashion conscious to say the least.

Iris Apfel dressed in a black and white jacket, black pants, red flat shoes and a bunch of red and black bangles and necklaces. She's sitting in a gray armchair. This shot was taken at her 96th birthday.

Source. Iris Apfel, iconic designer, captured on her 96th birthday

Need I say more? I think the photos speak for themselves. Aren’t these styles gorgeous? What do you think of them? What did you like best, any preferences? Let me know!


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