Street Fashion Summer Trends

Street Fashion Summer Trends

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Summer is here, even with an occasional shower rain. And so I would like to share with you the latest summer fashion trends, that stood out for me, as promised. The wearable ones! The trends that ordinary people like myself adopt and turn them into unique styling statements. So here we go!


The Trends

This is a season where creativity really takes off and anything goes. And it’s all about:

statement stipes
the shirt dress
white + bright colors: yellow, fuchsia, khaki
shoulder cutouts
statement sleeves
waist cinchers
vintage tees
fur lined loafers
Approach: Mix and match with a bite! Combine 2+ trends.


White + Dress Over Pants (especially over a pair of jeans) + Fur Lined Loafers

Statement Stripes + Statement Waist Cincher + Yellow Accessory

Banker Stripes + Off Shoulder Dress + Yellow Earrings


Yellow + Statement Sleeves + Sneakers

lux + comfort


Since I have a great collection of Pinterest pins in my summer street style fashion board there is no better way to present to you the latest trends than a slideshow. Therefore, I selected a good number of them and turned them into a compilation. So, let’s watch these trends worn by people on the streets…

Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which of these trends are your favorite.

See you around,

  • That was a great video! I noticed the same trends but in a unique way! (Food for thought). Anyway, my favorite trend is the white shirt dress over pants. That really works for me 😀

  • It works for me as well ;D I'm glad you enjoyed the video, thanks!

  • Lovely. and something most of us can wear! Just wish it was summer on my side of the world

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