Mykonian Luxurious Minimalism!

Mykonian Luxurious Minimalism!

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Mykonos – the Party Hotspot


There are three holiday destinations that almost everyone has heard of: Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. Mykonos lies almost in the center of the Aegean Sea and it is part of the Cycladic complex. It is the island where Ibiza meets St. Tropez: 24/7 partying in glamour! Its party hard reputation make this cosmopolitan hotspot booming with crowds of party spellbound holidaymakers who want to enjoy an easy going yet, luxurious lifestyle.
Mykonos is an attraction pole for many celebrities. Chances are that you might have seen pictures of celebrities (i.e. Lady Gaga, Ronaldo, the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Scherzinger, Emilia Clarke, Diana Madison and many more) in lifestyle magazines, relaxing at some gorgeous beach, having fun and partying in Mykonos. What is it that makes Mykonos so attractive…so special? Well, I have a theory based on my past visits to the ‘island of the winds’. Mykonos strikes you like a blitz, sweeping you up in a whirl and it does that by combining luxurious comfort with the aesthetics of Cycladic minimalism in a cosmopolitan party atmosphere. Perfect, right? It makes you feel like everyone is invited in an ongoing, non-stop party where anything can happen. The Mykonian minimalism is the trademark. After all, nothing looks too excessive in a minimal background!

Mykonian Minimalism

The principal town of Mykonos, Chora, is made of many relatively small, cubic, whitewashed, minimal “volumes” spread in a maze across the land. Minimalism in the Cycladic complex was born out of environmental necessities (you can read more on different types of minimalism in this post here). The scarcity of forestry, the earthquakes and the summer’s hot temperatures, call for a white background with some rocky details for added texture and built-in furniture (beds and sofas). However odd this may sound, the lack of embellishment in these minimal settings is counter-balanced by the wild beauty of the rough landscaping.Moreover, luxurious hotels and rental villas built after the Cycladic minimalism have managed to exude a sense of “easy-living-in-glam-style” where comfort is a MUST. Such rental villas are for real big spenders and I assure you that they are fully booked since January, despite their price. (Come to think of it, it’s a pretty good investment deal if you ask me, given that you can afford it, because you can have a two week holiday in a buzzing island and then rent it off for the rest of the season for a guaranteed profit. Cool, huh?)

House Tour

But let’s take a peek look at such a villa. The imagery of this villa is courtesy of KnM Properties, the sponsors of this post, but the views are 100% mine. So let’s see what we’re talking about and what ‘good living’ is all about! This is a villa of 220 sq.m. with two master bedrooms, two twin-bed bedrooms, a pool (14m by 7m), and the perfect outdoor living setup consisting of a lounge sitting area, an outdoor bar and an outdoor dining space.



Outdoors: House with pool


Outdoors: House with pool and grass plot



View to the sea from an outdoor sitting area


View of the outdoor dining area overlooking the pool


View of the outdoor sitting area, the bar, the sundeck chairs and pool


View of the outdoor bar and second dining area



Now, let’s take a look at the indoors, starting off with the living room, its fireplace and its stunning rustic wood coffee table. The living room, dining area and kitchen lie in an open floor space with lots of openings to take in the outdoor views. Notice the orange, red and grey stripes on the throw pillows, that maintain the overall minimal character. The wood floor adds warmth and texture. The ornaments are scarce and so the impressive elements are the table lamp with the rocks in the sitting area and the black fish-net pendant lights in the dining area. The contemporary kitchen looks refined with a white subway tile backsplash, staying aligned with the “whitewashed theme.” The kilim rug in the kitchen is a great color addition and a nice homey detail. Whitewashed, small recesses and built beds, nightstands and shelves are huge reminders of the cycladic minimalism theme.

View of the indoor living room with a fireplace


Another view of the living room overlooking at the kitchen


Yet another view of the indoor living room overlooking the kitchen. Nice wood floor detail.


View of the indoor living room from a different angle overlooking the dining area
View of the indoor dining room with a sitting capacity of 8 people.


View of a contemporary kitchen


Hallway with two recesses in a wall for decorative purposes


View of the whitewashed bathroom


View of the first master bedroom with a built bed, nightstands and shelves.


View of a twin bed bedroom


View of the third bedroom


View of the second master bedroom with built bed


WOW! What did I tell you! Undoubtedly, this villa was designed with comfort, luxury and lots of entertaining in mind whether you’re outdoors or indoors. I can’t wait to hear your impressions. Be sure to leave me a comment…
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