Gallery Wall: 5 Reasons to Have One!

Gallery Wall: 5 Reasons to Have One!

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One of the best ways to add your personal style in any space is to create a gallery wall. Gallery walls are compositions (small or big), cool clusters of loved collectibles! I will give you five good reasons to convince you that this should be your next project.

A perfect example of an art gallery wall with a combination of art images hanging from a wall and picture ledges with images atop. The perfect topping is the small planters that blend in perfectly in between.

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash. An awesome combination of art hanging from a wall and art placed on picture ledges.

A contemporary living room with an off-white sofa between two glass window doors and an art gallery wall with picture ledges on top of it. Image by DFS Furniture.

Image by DFS Furniture via


  • Gallery walls complete an interior by adding style and your character. They set the mood in the setting. Their charm is undeniable. They add a sophistication and an eclectic character every time, any time.
  • They are suitable for any space aside its overall style! (And I mean any space whether it’s a living room, library room, a dining room, a kitchen, office, corridor or even a bathroom)!
  • They create a strong focal point thus, turning any wall in an accent one.
  • They make use of your vertical space by creating a whole new layer.
  • They are a low budget project that anyone can do.

The greatest thing about gallery walls is that the options are countless. There is a myriad of possibilities of the artifacts you choose to display (original art, family photos, kid’s drawings, maps, mirrors, wreaths, art prints, letters, hats). There is also the option of using frames of the same kind and size to create rows and columns for a very composed impression. Or create a mix by fusing different frames with different colors, materials, styles and finishes. Any configuration is possible and more importantly, there is no height rule to restrict creativity. Art gallery walls may take up the whole wall beginning almost as low as the floor and reaching the ceiling!

The trick is to choose your art but then again, that’s the fun part! If you already own a couple of big art pieces that’s great news, because you can build around them your composition. Too many small pieces may cause a visual clutter; too big then it might be overwhelming. Personally, I don’t like very small pieces because I like to keep things neat, but don’t let me stop you! Try to find a visual balance. (Think proportion and scale). Believe me, this is not as scary as it sounds because there are no rules! But if you feel stuck, then do check out my Pinterest board Gallery Wall for more pinned images of gallery walls and pictures ledges, including configuration layouts in case you need a little visual inspiration to get you started. Or hop over to this post to view some seriously eclectic wall layouts. 😉

The layout

Planning ahead can save your walls! Therefore, it’s best to trace each of the frames on some scrap paper, cut those out and tape them on the wall. Experiment with the positioning and spacing until it’s visually pleasant to you. That is the easiest way to experiment with your composition without making holes on the wall. Keep in mind that most galleries are composed gradually over time and not necessarily in one go. So, don’t rush it. Although, most opt for a gallery wall over the sofa, my recommendation would be to consider a corridor wall, a kitchen wall (especially if the kitchen has a rustic or industrial style to it) and even a powder room. Another element that really can bring some life to the whole setup is the inclusion of little plants. Their leafy texture surely makes everything a lot more interesting. 😉


Some of you might prefer using picture ledges instead, in order to place your art on it rather than hang it. (Check out this post with some great imagery of styled picture ledges). This trend is especially strong with bohemian chic style fans. The great thing about them is that you can instantly change and/or rearrange your collectibles without any fuss. However, try not to overstuff them (something a little too common). I think a more minimal approach is more in order. In any case, I’m a huge fan of any gallery wall because they are special, full of treasured belongings, emotions and memories mirroring part of our personality. Any imperfection just adds on more charm to them. Moreover, they are a daily source of inspiration, exuberating a positive aura and a stunning design element in a home decor.

So what’s holding you back?! Are you currently working on a home project? Remember…sharing is loving!