Get in Style with Super Trendy Chevron Patterns

Get in Style with Super Trendy Chevron Patterns

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Pattern is one of the biggest trends this year and perhaps this decade.  It is a trend that’s here to stay! One of the most easy-going patterns of all is chevron.  It’s basically a zigzag line that creates a sense of a flowing breeze right through all that is static, solid and stagnant. Just a touch of a single chevron pattern and you’ll feel the difference. If you add a few touches then look at what happens; it spices everything up!
Upholstery fabrics, embroidered pillows, rugs, curtains, duvet covers are just a few textiles that “modernize” a space with their geometric pattern. They create strong focal points that help accentuate the surrounding space.  Sometimes they are small and subtle like a throw pillow yet, other times big and loud like a rug making a strong unforgettable impact.  But, the best match in my book is when you mix their sizes.
A rustic living room with two armchairs side by side with a small reddish and off white chevron pattern upholstery fabric

Source Traditional living room with two beautiful armchairs in chevron Shor Home Interior Designers & Decorators

A traditional living room with off white sofas and an off black armchair, with plenty of throw pillows including an off black one with a chevron pattern

Source. A traditional living room with a Phulkari embroidered chevron pillow cover

A stylish black and gold living room with a black velvet sofa, black velvet chairs, black coffee table and bookcase and a throw pillow with a chevron pattern on it

Source. A single touch of a chevron pattern and look at the difference!

Refurbished living room with a 60's vibe and mid century chairs includes three ottomans dressed in a large black and white chevron pattern.

Source Refurbished living room with a 60’s vibe

Since it is very easy to get confused between chevron and the herringbone patterns here’s a pointer: the chevron pattern is a distinct symmetrical zigzag continuous line with peaks and lows. On the other hand, the herringbone pattern has discontinuities because it has overlaps. Thus, it makes the impression of a weave-in surface.  Even more confused? Maybe the schematics below will help a little…


Missoni’s chevron pattern on the left (via Flame stitch + Chevron patterned Missoni dresses (via) Missoni storage boxes and shoes (via) Schematics via

A vibrant bedroom with Missoni's chevron pattern accent walls, rug, and bed linen (grey and white)

Source Dalia interior design inspiration by MissoniHome

Missoni’s most recognizable pattern is the chevron. But chevron patterns are versatile and as such they are not restricted to just textiles. Try to introduce them in your space onto your floors, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash or a bedroom’s accent wall. Watch how this traditional pattern adds energy and sophistication in a most elegant way in the spaces below. It challenges you to create the most fabulous, bold combinations. Its appeal lies in the fact that it draws you into the space.  That is why the chevron pattern is one of my all-time-favorite patterns…

Another gray minimal bedroom with a large chevron pattern as an accent wall in various shades of gray

Source Accent wall from slate stone

An off white pantry with a marble tiled back splash

Source. Thasos marble

Wall mounted white shelves with lighting, bowls, cups and saucers as decor against a chevron pattern wall

Source. Jenkins Interiors

A powder room with a gallery wall, a black and white chevron pattern floor and mid-height walls.

Source. A bathroom chevron pattern tile floor for an extra vibe

…and for outdoors as well!

If you want to make a change in your space, small or big, try the chevron pattern for a timeless and elegant look. You can’t go wrong!

Ready to embrace the chevron pattern? Then go off and go wild with it!


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