Home Improvements Chapter 5 – Typography

Home Improvements Chapter 5 – Typography

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Typography is a very special art. The typeface, size, spacing, the mix of colors, intensity, fonts, the fluidity or austerity all convey a message, create a mood, make a statement. The aim: to appeal! Whatever the message may be, subtle or bold, a proverb or a motto, typography stands out. Typography makes an impression by definition. As such, it can easily add a touch of style when used in an eclectic way as decorative means. More importantly, it can add a very personal touch in any interior.

A cool white desk with a wall filled with typography decor to spice it all up. Image by Cuckooland.

Image by Cuckooland (via)

What a beautiful dining space - a fusion of industrial style with inox details and exposed brick wall accents and rustic elements due to this fab looking dining table combined with white dining chairs. Image by Houseology.

Image by Houseology (via)

The living space below is a wonderful example of how the typography used on the spines of  the books combined with more typography on the throw pillows and artwork. It all creates a cohesive ensemble with a cozy feel to it yet, interesting and up-to-date. Typography highlights may be small and subtle, i.e. a cookie jar with a label or big and bold as a furniture piece, i.e. a coffee table or a chair. You may even use a stencil kit to add your very own typography touch to your old coffee table or your bed’s wooden headboard. I haven’t actually used such a kit myself yet, but I’m seriously considering it. (If you have used one, please share the details below in the comment section).

The main thing to keep in mind is that typography may emphasize and complement a space in a most appealing way, as long as you keep the balance. Too much of it and it can go seriously wrong. It might end up getting a bit too stuffy. Therefore, balance it out with some negative space. In any case, don’t forget that sometimes, all it takes is to frame your favorite motto in a large print to add that personal touch!